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Website Review

Business Card

First impression - artistic, picture, logo, colors, fonts, white space

Is the name/address/ type of business/ info clear - easy to find / read/ understand

Does the url show up on the business card?

Side 2?

Overall - positive, negative?

Style / Is it pretty?

First Impression:
Appearance/Artistic - colors, fonts, images, white space, logo, does it all fit on 1 page?  Does it make me want to dig in and see more or run away?  Boring? 
Is the purpose of the website clear (where am I and what am I doing here?)
Comments on the landing page/home page:  too much or too little visual info?  use of white space.  logo comments. 

Overall Impression
Appearance/Artistic - is the look and feel consistent? 

Tidy Code:
Validation - HTML
Validation - CSS

Website title/name:
(where am I and what am I doing here?

Page Titles and subheads


Credibiltiy (identification, icons, initials after name, links, honesty

Original / Useful / Interesting / Educational / Helpful / Accurate / Complete / Unbiased
Does it save me money (is there a coupon or 10% discount?) or save me time?

Q - why should Joe 6 Pack hire me as his real estate agent to buy a house?

Q - why should Joe 6 Pack hire me as his real estate agent to sell a house?

Stale / Cliche / Dull / Boring / Self Serving / Lack of Trust

Strings attached?  Do I need to sign up?

Am I excluded from parts of the website - are there any secrets?

Quantity - is there too much or too little?  Too many pages?  Is page size too big?

Readibility / Usability


Font size and use of white space

privacy policy / feedback /


Too broad?  All things to all people?

What is home base?

Tech - Bells & Whistles

Good / Bad / or Ugly?

Overall Website - Joe 6 Pack

What does the overall website experience do for your image - does it register with Joe 6 Pack - and if so, is it favorable?

SEO and Marketing

Current page rank (Google) =

Keywords - real estate, fsbo

Magic Words - location location location, less than perfect credit, finally, I believe, I will, you can count on me

Inbound links
Candidates for inbound links

Comments on URL

Overall visibility

Comments to improve visibility =

3 local and 1 national examples of a competing website to review and emulate (copy)

Website review links:

A checklist with some good detailed comments

Marcia Yudkin - a pro review

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