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Campaign Mission Statement

Generate 2 deals in the first 12 months, 8 deals in the second 12 months.

There are 2 kinds of marketing - internet and personal (telephone / eyeball to eyeball).  There is some overlap - for example you meet someone and talk about your website.

Regarding your internet marketing - it will always be much less important than the personal marketing.  Roughly 85% of your success is going to depend on your personal marketing, 15% on internet marketing.

Your choices for Internet marketing:

pay someone to do it for you, do it yourself, don't do it at all

Intermediary Goals / better product and better story

Become a better (listing) real estate agent - the real deal

  • better listing - better photos
  • research and copy successful listings in the local MLS
  • become an expert at 1 (or 1 more) neighborhood
  • review the "for sale" sign
  • learn more about Aurora and write an essay
  • Library research
  • Internet research

Use the same technique to become a better buyers agent

Significant improvement in how I market myself - the story.

Website and Business Card

Review business card and replace if necessary.

Promote and improve my visibility

Achieve page rank 1 asap

Improve the quantity and quality of inbound links to my website - 6 inbound links of at least page rank 1 by 6 months - 20 links by 12 months

Networking - (eyeball to eyeball) - become a more interesting/entertaining person


1/2 hr per week to become a better agent

1/2 hr per week marketing myself

$250 per year for guidance (do the right thing) and $150 year for expenses (the cost of doing it)


Web Traffic Domains - This looks good, I will investigate.




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