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Freight Train

U-Tube Links

Elizabeth Cotton and Pete Seeger - this is very cool

Tommy Emmanuel - boom chick, Freight Train (with Trambone and Windy & Warm) / TE - Stevie's Blues - uses a flat pick.

Trambone - this guy's good !

Nikhogan - good show at the TE style

Nancy Whiskey / Skiffle

Another free lesson - split screen, musicians workshop

Free Lesson - 2 cameras, cappo 3rd fret, - Mike Herberts, I don't like the Website, but I like the free video so I'll give some link loveBlogHard Days Night.

Bluegrass jam, not so much help

Sal Bonivita - this is good, sounds like classic strings, pretty good vocals

another - by fngrpckr - this OK

Matt Costa - live

Chip Chop - funky

another - with free tabs on his website, but not in English

bad audio,

Drunken Sailors - Russian, takes them awhile to get started, interesting, includes a harmonica (bonus!)

Bad music and a bad video - Elizabeth Cotton plays upside down and backwards - this guy is sideways.

another01 - another02

Goober Sisters - I like this, includes a fiddle



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