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Welcome.  The design goal of this Website is to promote and encourage excellence in MLS photography.  This site provides a reference and tutorial for working real estate agents.

For best results, maximize your browser window to see all the pictures at full size.

The recommended path for a first time visitor is to read/review the tutorial.  This involves 10 minutes to work thru an outline, and another 10 minutes to review a comprehensive example.  You can work at your own pace, the 20 minutes is just a guideline.

Try to understand and be aware of the distinction between the house -- and the picture of the house.  The picture at the top of this page is a very attractive house shown to best advantage with a beautiful blue sky and green grass.  But a good photographer (and a good real estate agent) will be just as proud of a good picture of a bad house.  Likewise, a good listing agent should know enough to avoid a bad photograph of a good house.  I am not trying to pick on anyone - the intent is to make the point with real life examples.

The successful photographer will always strive to do the best they can with what they have to work with.  This site is my best effort to teach you how to produce the best possible MLS photograph.  I tried hard to avoid techno-geek and keep it real and keep it relevant.

The site map is a handy reference to each of the different pages.  For extra credit and some free favorable promotion of yourself as a working real estate agent - complete the optional exam and get your name (and a valuable link to your Website) on the distinguished alumni list.

Finally - I encourage feedback from all of my "students".  If possible, keep a pen and paper handy as you surf around this Website.  Please send me an email with suggestions and/or comments.

Disclaimer:  Everything on this site is free - there is nothing to buy here.  This site is not affiliated (directly or indirectly) with any Metro List or any MLS.  I am not affiliated with any real estate agency or company.  There is no advertising on this site - I am not receiving any kind of compensation from Kodak, Photoshop, or any other company or individual.  Everything on this site is my opinion - nothing more and nothing less.  Take it for what it's worth.

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